Introduce the core technologies and patents that SEYANG specializes in raising poultry automation.

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  • 01.

    The analysis and design of an egg sorting machine

    • Analyzing the sorting machine parts and understanding their properties
    • Kinematic analysis of moving components
    • Sketching and modeling of the parts
    • Making the reverse engineering and the foundation design
    • Completing the design for prototyping
  • 02.

    The selection of the machine’s materials and parts

    • Selecting the parts’ materials and analyzing their abrasiveness degree
    • Selecting light and high strength, but cheap materials
    • Separating the parts into pre-existing ones and new ones
    • Sorting the new parts into ones for outsourcing and self-producing
  • 03.

    Producing prototypes

    • Simulation test through 3D design
    • Industrial producing test for each part
    • The preparation of pre-existing parts and the production of new parts
    • Completion of a prototype production
  • 04.

    A functional test for the prototypes

    • Functional test for each part of the machine
    • Kinematic test for the product
    • Functional test for the completed prototype
    • Analysis of the faults in the prototype
  • 05.

    Reproducing prototypes through feedbacks

    • Modifying the design based on the analysis of the faults
    • Processing the machine parts by the modified design
    • Producing the prototypes again
    • Performance evaluation
  • 06.

    The assembly and completion

    • Final operational test after assembling the parts
    • Repeating the modification by feedbacks
    • Evaluating the product performance and determining the product specifications