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Introduce the core technologies and patents that SEYANG specializes in raising poultry automation.

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기슐연구소 소개

Seyang Research Institute is committed to being a leader of the future poultry automation by firmly grasping the philosophy of innovation, trust, and technology, and by putting customers first in designing, producing, testing, and delivering our products. Especially, we have continued the industry-academy cooperation with universities concerning the ICT sector, as in the future it will be necessary for developing and manufacturing machinery and automation systems for farms purposes. Besides, Seyang is second to none in the field regarding existing patents and certifications. We believe that our predominant position results from our constant investment in research since 2005 when we opened a department dedicated to research. Specifically, our interest in R&D has reached the zenith by the establishment of the dedicated department for planning and supporting R&D in 2014.

Seyang Research Institute holds a range of technology that prepares for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and they are from R&D at the very core. Seyang becomes one of the global companies in Korea that exports to Saudi Arabia, Japan, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Myanmar, and Thailand. Seyang keeps trying to innovate integrated plans and development through the support of and communication with the customers to realize Seyang’s core techniques and the customer values.

Seyang Research Institute has a goal to become a competitive global research center, and this goal can only be realized through diverse R&D activities and ceaseless efforts. Most of all, Seyang Research Institute will do the best to cultivate the competitiveness of the researchers, and to keep abreast with the world-class level and finally lead the 4IR of farming sector based on productivity and convenience.

Director of Seyang Research Institute