Core Technology

Introduce the core technologies and patents that SEYANG specializes in raising poultry automation.

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  • 1.Data management

    • Monitoring in real-time on Remote control
    • Analyzing cumulative data
    • Running tailor-made counseling service through a continuous data analysis
  • 2.Productivity

    • Increasing the productivity by processing more than 10,000EA an hour guarantee, which is unprecedented in the industry
    • Guaranteeing high efficiency with broken eggs proportion of 0.2
  • 3.Seyang’s own R&D

    • Manufacturing machines based on Seyang’s core design
    • Putting the user’s safety first in designing and producing machinery
    • Operating a research institute with the constant investment into R&D
  • 4.Convenience

    • Increasing convenience by embodying the all-round control system that operates on a single computer
    • Upgrading products through continuous communication with the customers
    • Providing a swift after-the-sales service through the call center and online inquiries.