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  • Accumulator


    This machine, called an allotter, arranges eggs, which come from a zip-line conveyor randomly and are carried, side by side in 6 or 12 rows, then sends them to Loading C/V (Primary washing). It is easy to control amount of supplies by using a simple limit switch. There is equipped with an array motor, so eggs ,which get into the machine randomly, are able to be carried safely and regularly without breaking.

    Accumulator Accumulator Accumulator Accumulator Accumulator Accumulator
  • Washing Machine

    Washing Machine

    This is a machine that uses nozzles and brushes to wash the surface of eggs. The temperature of the washing water can be adjusted, which helps improve the washing function. This is a process of completely removing contaminants such as excrements, feathers, and dust that are attached to the surface of eggs. It is made up of thin and delicate brushes that do not damage the egg shells. With primary and secondary spray methods, the washing ability is more efficient. Used water is completely filtered minute particles through a fine mesh.

    Washing Machine Washing Machine Washing Machine Washing Machine Washing Machine Washing Machine
  • Dryer


    This machine removes 85% of moisture by using Ring Blower motors in primary and eliminates residual contaminants that have not been removed during the washing processes. At the same time, this generates high-temperature air volume which is secondary drying. Using a high-strength fan which is in the inside of the top to cause vortex, it helps with tertiary drying and removes 100 % of moisture that has not previously been removed.

    Dryer Dryer Dryer Dryer Dryer Dryer
  • Sorter


    After washing and drying processes, this machine aligns the eggs which are carried in two directions into one direction. At the same time, a process to prevent secondary contamination is carried out through ultraviolet-ray sterilization. The sterilized eggs immediately enter into an egg testers to examine the egg shells. After the egg tester process, eggs are weighed through Road Cell (electronic scale) and are transferred to main transmission devices in the Grader.

    Sorter Sorter Sorter Sorter Sorter Sorter
  • Selector


    This machine carries eggs ,which have completed everything from putting them into the machines to washing, drying, sterilizing, sorting and measuring, to each designated exit. There is a main power distribution and CPU responsible for all control of the machines. Using approximately 60 solenoids, the eggs are quickly and accurately allocated to each exit and then this machine makes the eggs arrive safely at the packer holding devices. This is an efficient structure for the final shipment of Packer and Under the regular grades conveyor’s according to the allocated exit.The driving speed is very convenient because it can be easily adjusted from the distribution box.

    Selector Selector Selector Selector Selector Selector
  • Packer


    This machine is automatically shipped eggs by freely rating each exit and placing them in egg cartons or capsules. This is able to use up to 10,15,20,30-pieces of egg cartons and can be easily changed as well. There are sensors in the front and back of the machine, when the carton is empty or there is a stack of goods in the front of transport conveyor, the sensor detects it and shuts down all the operations. At that time, buzzer sounds and each packer lights up. It is safe because this is designed to operate again only after initializing the each packer. It has custom stands and shelves so that the workers can pick eggs easily. This is a great help in smoother work.

    Packer Packer Packer Packer Packer Packer
  • Egg tray dispenser

    Egg tray dispenser

    This machine pulls out an egg carton one by one, then puts it at the beginning of the Packer’s back side and transports it. Based on 30-piece of egg cartons, all capsules and plastic containers are able to be worked. This is automatically transmitted, standby, and input by installed sensors on each section, it can be easily fitted to any container you want to use. If there is a faulty carton, it runs when sensors detect that and this helps greatly to improve accuracy.

    Egg tray dispenser Egg tray dispenser Egg tray dispenser Egg tray dispenser Egg tray dispenser Egg tray dispenser
  • Capsule Dispenser

    Capsule Dispenser

    It is designed to handle 10-hole, 15-hole, 20-hole, and 25-hole trays exclusively instead of the basic 30-hole tray. The operating method and coparability are the same as the model for 30-hole trays. Trays are inserted through the guide on the backside of the packer, and both basic tray and casule tray can be inserted at the same time. The use of the machine can be changed easily with the selection switch.

    Capsule Dispenser Capsule Dispenser Capsule Dispenser Capsule Dispenser Capsule Dispenser Capsule Dispenser
  • Elevator


    Unlike the tray dispenser, it is designed exclusively for 30-hole tray. It feeds and sets trays in the packer one by one and is designed to handle only the 30-hole trays, not capsules, perfect for simple process without the need for changing settings. The control is the same, and since consumables and parts can be replaced simply, it can be used at ease.

    Elevator Elevator Elevator Elevator Elevator Elevator