Auto Marking System

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Auto Marker

  • This is a low-capacity automatic printing machine for small farms.
  • This loads a 30-piece of egg carton and automatically prints through the moving-head.
  • This is not complicated layout so does not fritz out, also it is able to easily adjust size.
  • This has an advantage of being light in weight, so it is able to be easily reposition.

Auto Marker

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Long experience and technology

Optimizing the processing time

Big data system

Thorough follow-up maintenance

Specification Diagram

  • 1.Work Station
  • 2.Printer Head
  • 3.Slide sensor
  • 4.Control Box
  • 5.Moving Tension


Name of product SAM300
Type Auto Marker
Total weight about 100 kg
screening capacity 100/min
Total power consumption 105w
Rated voltage 220V
Control box power supply 220v
Control method PLC
Specification 550*340*1200
Measured channel Not applicable
Processing capacity 300 per hour
Error range
Motor power supply 200v
Sensor power supply 24v