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    Blood Detector

    It enables light penetration even when the grader is operating at a high speed (over 20,000/h). It detects all abnormal eggs with internal faults such as blood and decay that are difficult to identify with the naked eye. Faults can be detected regardless of the grade and size of the egg or the shape of the egg shell. The accuracy is very high since it makes calculations by analyzing visible ray and infrared ray data. It collects data on eggs that have been tested to represent the average grade. It supports convenient use, so that the user can easily carry out the operation. With built-in self-check feature, it solves problems such as over-detection and errors.

    Blood Detector Blood Detector Blood Detector Blood Detector
  • Crack Detector

    Crack Detector

    The Micro Shock Sensor is included to accurately sense and inspect the entire surface of the eggs being conveyed. It collects and applies data while performing the inspection, and senses whether cracked eggs are detected. Like the blood detector, it performs the inspection regardless of grade and size or egg shell deformation. It can easily distinguish eggs that are identifiable only by applying pressure and even eggs that are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Due to the use of high-sensitivity sensors, it can distinguish eggs without affecting the crack of egg shell. It is designed for convenient operation like the grading machine that it is quite useful for the operation

    Crack Detector Crack Detector Crack Detector Crack Detector