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Name S3035 specification See Drawing Measuring Error ±0.3g
Model Egg Grader Operating Speed 71.9mm/sec Measuring Channel 6CH
Sorting Capacity 30,000/h Total Weight Approximately 3,000kg
Rated Voltage AC380v/60Hz Power Consumption Approximately 14kw

Long experience and technology

Optimizing the processing time

Big data system

Thorough follow-up maintenance

Specification Diagram

  • 1.Accumulator
  • 2.First Water Supply (Loading Conveyer)
  • 3.Second and Third Water Supply
  • 4.Drying section (Ring Blower)
  • 5.UV sterilization Unit (Align)
  • 6.Inspection Unit (Crack Detector)
  • 7.Transfer, Weigh on Scale
  • 8.Main CPU Control Box
  • 9.Print (Blood Detector)
  • 10.Packer (Auto)
  • 11.Non-gradable Eggs (Hand Pack)
  • 12.Elevator, Mold Dispenser
  • 13.Main Frame