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  • S1315 sorting machine sorts up to 13,000 eggs an hour.
  • S1315 is equipped with a super-precision weighing device which weighs in stop-action condition (0.8 sec) the eggs transported through a line. It is more swift and accurate with the error range of less than ±0.3g.


S1315 satisfies the customer with precision and convenience. Specifically, its sensors, which are attached to each part and provide a precise perception, provide rapid selection speed and minimum broken eggs. Through real-time updates, you may check brand new programs and those performances that are attained by a constant development of core technology.

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Long experience and technology

Optimizing the processing time

Big data system

Thorough follow-up maintenance

Specification Diagram

  • 1.Accumulator
  • 2.Candling part (Crack Detector)
  • 3.Weighing part
  • 4.Orient, UV.Sterilizer
  • 5.Unsorted eggs (Hand pack)
  • 6.Main CPU


Name of product S1315
Specification Refer to the diagram
Total weight About 1,000kg
Total power consumption 9kw
Rated voltage AC380v / 55Hz
Control box power supply AC220v
Control method Industrial computer and/or laptop
Selecting levels 8 levels
Measured channel 2CH
Processing capacity 13,000 / h
Error range ±0.3g
Motor power supply AC220v
Sensor power supply DC24v