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Seyang has established the personal information management policy as follows in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act to protect the rights and interests of the users and to handle any problems that the users may face in respect of their personal information. Any amendment of this Policy will be publicly announced by a posting on Seyang’s web site (or will be individually noticed).

This Policy will come into effect on June 19 2017.

1. Purpose of Personal Information Management

Seyang processes user’s personal information for the following purposes. Processed information will not be used for any purposes other than for the following purposes and Seyang will seek prior consent from the users before any change to the intended use is implemented.

A. Membership Registration and Management Thereof

Personal information will be processed for the following purposes: to confirm the User’s intention to be a member; to maintain or manage membership status; to prevent unauthorized use of services; to provide public announcement or notice; to handle complaints and others.

B. Complaint Handling

Personal information will be processed for the following purposes: to verify the complaining person’s identification; to review complaints; to contact or notify the complaining persons to confirm factual grounds; to notify complaint review results and others.

C. Provision of Goods and Services

Personal information will be processed for the following purposes: to verify the complaining person’s identification; to review complaints; to contact or notify the complaining persons to confirm factual grounds; to notify complaint review results and others.

2. Personal information files status

Seyang registers and discloses personal information files for the following purposes in accordance with Article 32 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

1. Name of Personal Information File: Seyang Personal Information

Items of Personal Information: Name, sign-in ID, email, cell phone number, and password.

Method of Collection: Through the web page.

Retention Grounds: Membership registration

Retention Period: Until the member chooses to revert subscription or is expelled from membership.

Legal Grounds:Records Related to Customer Complaints or Handling of Disputes: 3 years, Collection/Processing and Use, etc. of Credit Information: 3 years

※ For other disclosure of Seyang’s personal information file registration, please visit Personal Information Protection Portal of Ministry of the Interior and Safety ( → Privacy reports → Request for a review of the personal information → Search personal information file from list.

3. Entrustment of Personal Information Processing

① When entering into such entrustment agreement, Seyang follows Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act to specify in a written form the security matters that follow and supervises the security of the entrusted information: prohibiting the process of the information for any purposes other than for the performance of the entrusted affairs; technical and administrative measures to protect personal information; restriction on re-entrusting the information; matters related to managing/supervising the entrusted party; liabilities of the entrusted party, including damage compensation.

② Any change of the entrusted party or content of the entrusted affairs will be immediately disclosed through this Policy.

4. Rights of the Users and Method to Exercising Such Rights

The User, as the subject of the personal information, is entitled to the following rights:

① User may at any time exercise the following rights against Seyang in order to protect his/her personal information:

. Right to have access to personal information;

. Right to request correction of any error;

. Right to request deletion of information;

. Right to request discontinuance of personal information processing.

② The rights referred to in Paragraph ① above may be exercised by completing Form 8 of the Enforcement Regulation of the Personal Information Protection Act and submitting to Seyang as written letter, or by email or facsimile (FAX). Seyang will immediately take action upon receipt of such request.

③ In case User requests correction or deletion of any error in his/her personal information, Seyang will not use or provide the concerned information until such correction or deletion is completed.

④ The rights referred to in Paragraph ① above may be exercised via a legal agent or an authorized representative of the User. In such a case, power of attorney as provided in Form 11 of the Enforcement Regulation of the Personal Information Protection Act must be submitted.

5. Items of Personal Information Processed

Seyang processes the following items of personal information:

1. (Registration and Management of web page membership)

Required: Name, sign-in ID, email, cell phone number, and password.



When the purpose of maintaining personal information is fulfilled, Seyang, in principle, disposes of such personal information without delay. The process, timing, and method of disposal thereof are presented as follows:

Disposal Process: After fulfilling the purpose, the information provided by the members will be stored in a separate DB (in case of personal information in paper form, in a separate document) and be disposed of immediately or after being preserved for a certain period in accordance with internal policies or other applicable laws. Even when the information is preserved after moved in a separate DB, it will not be disclosed except in strict adherence to the relevant law.

Disposal Timing: User's information will be destroyed within five (5) days after the end of retention period, or within five (5) days after it deemed unnecessary to retain the information from the causes of fulfillment of the personal information processes, closure of certain services, or termination

Disposal Method: Information in electronic form will be destroyed using technical tools so as to make sure that such information will not be reproduced. Information in paper form will be destroyed by shredding it with a paper shredder or incinerated.

7. Measures to Secure Safety of Personal Information

Seyang takes the following technical, administrative and physical measures necessary to protect personal information in accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act:

1. Minimizing the number of employees that process personal information and training them

We appoint a minimum number of staff for processing personal information and give permission to handle personal information only to such staff.

2. Technological measures to prevent hacking

Seyang installs security programs in order to prevent leakage or damage of personal information caused by computer hacking or virus and renews and checks the system regularly. Besides, the information system is located where access from outside is controlled and monitored through technical and physical means.

3. Encryption of personal information

Users’ personal information and passwords are stored and managed in an encrypted form so that only the concerned User can know them. In addition, important data are stored and transmitted in an encrypted form, and/or secured by the file locking function.

4. Storage of Access Records and Prevention of Forging or Falsifying Logs

Seyang stores and manages records of access to personal information systems for at least six (6) months and uses security programs to prevent such access records from being forged or falsified, stolen or lost.

5. Limiting access to personal information

We take measures to control access to personal information by controlling authorization to access personal information database systems and prevent unauthorized access from outside by using the intrusion prevention system.

8. Personal Information Proection Manager

① Seyang appoints a personal information protection manager who is responsible for all affairs relating to personal information processing, and handling complaints raised by the Users and remedy of damages incurred in relation to personal information processing.

♦ Personal Information Protection Manager

Name: YANG, Hyeok


Title: Director

Contact: 041-754-8355

※ This number connects to the personal information management division.

② User may direct all personal information related questions or complaints to the Personal Information Manager and the Management Division. Seyang will promptly respond to such inquiries.

9. Changes in the Personal Information Management Policy

① This Policy will take effect from the abovementioned effective date, and any changes, deletion or correction of the policies herein will be announced seven (7) days prior to the date on which such changes will take effect via the means of notice board.